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Dallas Computer Support – ActiveX controls are written in VBScript and are actually a set of rules that Internet browsers can understand and interpret the way ActiveX components are to be displayed on the screen. This greatly enhances the browser’s ability to display images and video.At the outset of understanding the link between ActiveX Controls and Registry cleaner, let us try to understand what ActiveX actually is and how it is meant to help in the running of the computer. Contrary to the belief of many computer amateurs, ActiveX is not a programming language but sets of rules that guide the way applications run on windows. Notice, we said ‘applications’ not ‘programs’. This is because all programs that run on Windows operating system are called ‘applications’. You may have come across some web sites that ask you to download ActiveX controls in order for some of their downloadable programs to run. Downloading these controls enters them in the Registry of the system. After a period, the system does not actually need these controls but they are there taking up space and slowing down the system. These controls need to be cleaned out from the registry and here is where the registry cleaner comes in.

How Do ActiveX Controls Work?

It is not as easy as it may sound however; let’s endeavor to explain. When the browser loads a web page that has embedded ActiveX components, the browser uses the ‘CLASSID’ information on the Web page’s ‘OBJECT’ statement to ascertain if the control is already present on your system. If not, the browser uses the ‘CODEBASE’ information to download the control and install it. Once you are done with the download it lodges in the system registry. It is not actually needed here but is there all the same. Downloading a free registry cleaner to clean the registry is one way to solve this problem of clogging up the registry with unwanted controls.

So How Safe Are ActiveX Controls

Many programmers started embedding ActiveX components in their programs and web pages. It must be remembered that ActiveX controls are capable of doing anything a normal Visual Basic program can. In other words they can seem to be linking to some program but may be malicious software. A Registry cleaner will help remove the installation from the registry. Because you never know what the ActiveX control has been programmed to do.

Microsoft Helps Out With Security Measures

Microsoft has provided some measure of security for identifiable ActiveX controls. This is achieved through a signature scheme. Designers of ActiveX controls digitally sign the ActiveX controls they author. When the user accesses a web page that uses that particular control, the user’s browser can verify the person that has signed it wrote the control. Even then, it is best to use a registry cleaner from time to time to ensure the safety and efficiency of your Arvind Singh – Dallas Computer Support

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