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6 Reasons For Online Backup |

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First of all, let’s define what I mean by online backup. Online backup is a method of offsite data storage in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a system are regularly backed up on a remote server or computer with a network connection. A number of companies provide online backup services for subscribers whose computers are connected to the Internet, automatically copying selected files to backup storage at the service provider’s data vault. Seven (7) advantages of online backup services include:

1. Automatic. Once one establishes their schedule, it is fully automated. There are no tapes to manage, staff to schedule, or vendors to coordinate for pickup and delivery of tapes. Therefore, you save time, money and virtually eliminate errors.

2. Secure. Data is stored on disk and not tape. Tape has a history of failure and it typically occurs at the most inopportune moment. In addition, most tapes are not encrypted. One can only imagine the potential ramifications to your business if customer records were accessed by someone using one of your unencrypted tapes. The story is not much better if you are unable to recover critical data at vital point in time. Online backup services can offer end-to-end encryption AES algorithms that are used both in transit as well as storage. This further ensures the security of your sensitive data. With the online backup service your sensitive data is also automatically stored offsite in a secured data center.

3. Accessible and Managed from Anywhere. “A centralized system that allows you to manage your entire systems backup and recovery requirements regardless of where they or you are located is a huge advantage to companies. This is particularly true for companies with multiple locations.” Says Jim Kandrac of VAULT400. Popular platforms and applications being managed in this way by leading providers include DB2 – System I, AS/400, iSeries, AIX, HP UX, SUN, Exchange, SQL, Windows, VMware, Linux, etc. Netware and Mac.

4. Efficient Use of Internet: Some of the better online backup services back up only the data blocks in new or changed files, resulting in significantly faster backup times and minimal. Data is also compressed before transmission. In addition they might offer bandwidth throttling. This allows one to define how much of their Internet bandwidth they want to allow to be used for this process during various time windows of the day. For example, you might limit the process to a maximum of 10% of your bandwidth during normal office hours and open it up to 80% for the balance of the day.

5. No Capital Investment: If you are like most organizations, getting approval for a large capital expenditure is a daunting task. With the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach one is basically paying a monthly fee for the service. In addition the startup can be almost immediate. Typically, a small software agent is loaded on the systems you wish to backup to a data vault and then the scheduling/backup process can begin the same day.

6. Compliance Regulations: The recent increase in government and industry specific regulations (SAS 70, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, HIPAA, SOX and SEC|NASD) surrounding the privacy, accessibility, and retention of information are creating new challenges for backup and recovery processes. Vendors like VAULT400 are intimately familiar with these challenges. They give organizations confidence that their critical information is securely stored for as long as necessary, yet quickly accessible when needed. This immediately addresses inquiries by auditors and security/privacy concerns.

Summary: As you can see, there are some very compelling reasons for an online backup service. Remember, the goal of any online backup and recovery plan is to maintain the integrity of your systems and your business with little or no interruption in the process. When a disaster does occur, we want business to remain uninterrupted at best, or at worst get back on line in a short amount of time. With an online backup service you can quickly transfer your data to any targeted system from anywhere in the world and stay in business. Dallas Computer Support

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