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Every network, system and computer needs to have a three part plan implemented to help prevent, stop and recover from virus and spyware infections and potential damage. First, every system should have antivirus software installed and properly maintained. This means regular virus updates as well as being properly configured on the server and workstations. Your antivirus software should scan every file stored on every storage device on a scheduled basis and should scan every bit of information before it is saved to a drive or brought into the network.

Remember that antivirus software is only as good as its last update. Any new or unknown viruses will not be detected and could cause damage. To protect from new viruses, you need to have a detection tool in place. An integrity verification tool can be used to monitor when files change. However, for the integrity tool to be effective, you will need to run it against your system before you are infected to establish a baseline against which to compare all future scans.

Types of Virus Infections

Computer Viruses are small pieces of software that attach themselves to real programs. An example would be a virus that attaches itself onto windows explorer. Each time you run the program windows explorer the virus will also be executed and perform the function that it was meant to perform. This can be several things such as damaging files on your computer, or erasing them all together. This is also the time in which the virus will try to spread itself onto other programs and even other computers!

A worm just like a virus is a small piece of software. However worms rather than relying on an external program to function, will run themselves over computer networks and security holes to spread. The worm will scan the network from it’s host computer until it finds another computer that it can attach itself to. It will then continue this process to replicate. Because this type of infection runs by itself it can have devastating impacts. The Mydoom worm is estimated to have infected over a quarter million computers in a single day when it first launched back in March 1999.

A Trojan horse is a computer programs that claims to be one thing, but is actually another. For example you might receive a Trojan horse that is disguised as an image, but when you go to open the file, it will do whatever it is that it was written to do.

Email Viruses are very common. They work by spreading themselves through email messages. Once they infect a computer, they will then go ahead and replicate themselves by automatically mailing out again to everyone in the victim’s e-mail address book. Several of these virus’s have raced through the internet.

Proper virus protection is critical no matter what the source!

If you are experiencing virus issues please contact us so that we can help you with your issues today!

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