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Managing XP Profiles |

January, 14, 2018 by: Tags: , , 0 Comments

Dallas Computer Repair A user profile is a set of files and folders that contain information about user-specific configuration settings such as customized desktop, personalized application settings, network and printer connection settings, display settings, and other specified settings. Microsoft Windows XP supports the following types of profiles: Local user profile: A local user profile is […]

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Why Data Loss Occurs |

January, 11, 2018 by: Tags: , 0 Comments

Dallas Computer Support-There are a lot of storage devices used to store data but the most common used ones are the CDs, DVDs, memory cards, memory sticks and undoubtedly the hard drives. All these storage devices have on major flaw in common, they are not infallible and this means that the data stored on them […]

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Efficient Vista Registry |

January, 07, 2018 by: Tags: , 0 Comments

Dallas computer support – A Vista registry is nothing but a centrally protected depository, which is needed by the Windows system. The application inimitably describes specific system installation, which also includes system security policy, installed applications and user-specific operating environments. This database gives us information on all installed hardware components and associated configuration information including […]

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