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3T Pro Service Rates

Our IT pricing model is significantly less expensive than other companies in our industry. We believe that you should only pay for what is needed. Other IT companies put their income needs first by charging large monthly fees per machine and this can add up to thousands of dollars each month. From our beginning, we have offered a simple hourly rate for all your business support needs with guaranteed results.

Single Rate Pricing:  Desktop or Server

It’s simply one rate for all your computer support needs

$125.00 per hour 8:30AM-5:30PM Monday > Friday
One hour minimum charge on all services
Additional hours billed in 15-minute increments
1.5 X per hour for after hours work
After hours emergency 4 hr. response

Phone / Remote / Email Support

Only billed when delivering a detailed problem resolution over the phone / remote/ email

Basic support is always FREE (simple Q & A)
From 8:30AM-5:30PM Monday > Friday
$62.50 per half hour support
(After hours) 1.5 X per half hour Advanced Support
After hours emergency 4 hr. response

Travel Allowance

Travel allowances help us cover the cost of fuel and parking for your location

$15.00- Dallas County
$50.00 surrounding areas

Server Migrations / Projects

$160.00 per hour Monday > Friday
One hour minimum charge on all services


We offer multiple payment options for our clients as well as net 15 days invoicing for established customers.


Appointment Cancellations

Canceled within 24 hours of the specified time may incur a 1/2 hour charge.
Canceled within 4 hours of the specified time may incur a 1 hour charge.

IT Certifications & Support

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