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Cloud Servers Versus Premise Servers for Small Business

Cloud Servers Versus Premise Servers for Small Business

We’ve all heard about the “cloud” and “cloud computing.” Just what is it and why should I use servers “out there” instead of at my company location? Chances are you’ve already used cloud-based services.  If you’ve uploaded a photo to Google, used a document-sharing...

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How Can Your Technology Provider Make You Money?

How can your technology provider make you money?   Are you paying your staff to handle technology issues that could be handled more effectively by your tech support company? In this age of outsourcing can you certainly save money by partnering with the right IT...

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Business Class Laptop Essentials

What are the essentials for a business class laptop? This is another complex question without a simple answer. And, as usual, the best way to start is to ask yourself some questions about your business: How many users do you have? What will they be doing? Will your...

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How Much Bandwidth Does My Business Need?

What factors should you consider in choosing bandwidth from your Internet provider? Do you need a fiber connection? How fast a connection? These are complex questions and not easily—or directly—answered. First, you need to ask yourself some questions: How...

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Getting Back to Business After a Burglary

Ever had your home or office broken into? How did that feel? And how did it impact your business? One of 3T Pro’s key clients, a globally renowned acoustical design firm based in Dallas, became rightfully panicked when their offices were burglarized and...

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That Remote Feeling

So, you’ve got a growing company in a fast-moving industry and a whole herd of remote sales people. How do you keep track of them and make sure that they have the tools they need to sell? And that those tools work? “We have over 65 sales people working...

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Somebody Throw Me a Life Preserver

We’ve all done it—gotten complacent. We are cruising along using our information technology systems, writing this, posting that, producing documents and compiling data. Then it happens. Crash. Yup, your hard-drive crashed. And with it all of the data you...

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Partnering Strategically

Relationships matter. So does strategic thinking. At least they do to Larry L. As the CFO of a large architectural design firm, Larry knows how best to get things done. “Even before I started my first day on the job, I met with Todd over lunch,” Larry told...

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Just Make It Work

Knowing what you do and then doing it well are important to Sandra S. Because she works in a busy personal injury and contract law firm, she has to have things work the first time. And work right. “When it comes to our IT services and equipment, I can’t be...

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What Customers Are Saying

“3T Pro is a true partner. They saved our business from the brink of disaster. It’s as simple as that. We had a sudden, serious crisis and they didn’t blink. Their response was swift and they had us back up and running almost immediately. We could not be more impressed — or more grateful.”

– Richard S., Partner
Dallas-based Acoustical Design firm

We know Business IT.

3T Pro provides 24/7 Computer Support and IT Services to a wide variety of small- and medium-sized businesses across Dallas, Ft. Worth and beyond. We offer hourly and managed IT Services, Cloud, Project Management, Business Continuity, and much more. Our mission is to keep your technology humming so you can keep your business growing.

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