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What You Need to Know About Windows 7

What You Need to Know About Windows 7

If you are a Microsoft Windows user, listen up: changes are coming your way if your PCs use the Windows 7 operating system. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. At least for free. What does...

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The Aging Computer and Your Office

Some tools just wear out.  The carpenter’s chisel loses its edge. The gardener’s mower gets old and refuses to run. Your car gets too many miles on its odometer. While you might be able to rescue or reuse some of those things, when it comes to computers and...

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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

As cybercrime increases, we all need to be doing more pre-emptive pushback on these activities. One of the weapons in this ongoing battle is two-factor authentication. Just what is it and how can I implement it if I need to? What is it? Two-factor authentication (or...

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Just What is a Firewall Anyway?

Your IT partner has just told you your firewall has been breached. What?  There’s been a fire? Was there any damage? In a manner of speaking, you are partly correct.  While there hasn’t been a real fire with flame and soot and smoke, there is an emergency of another...

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Protecting Your Inbox

These days, companies’ email systems are one of the most vulnerable places from which a cyber attack can come. this post provides some valuable in formation and solutions relating to how to deal with an attack of this type.

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Should My IT Manager Have a Seat at the C-Level Table?

Take a moment and in your mind, go around the table of your last company leadership meeting. You see all of the people who run your company with you and contribute to the bottom line: Your CFO. The head of Operations. Human Resources. Anybody Missing? Is your IT...

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Does My IT Strategy Really Impact My Bottom Line?

In today’s world, if you don’t rely on information technology (IT) daily, chances are you either don’t’ understand what IT is or you haven’t integrated it into your business as effectively as you could be doing. When PCs started coming into businesses in the early...

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Do You Know How to Recognize a Data Hostage Situation?

It can happen without notice, without a warning: the hostage-taking of your company’s data. Most business people hadn’t heard of ransomware until the WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017 crippled over 300,000 computers.  That malicious cryptoworm attack targeted...

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“3T Pro is a true partner. They saved our business from the brink of disaster. It’s as simple as that. We had a sudden, serious crisis and they didn’t blink. Their response was swift and they had us back up and running almost immediately. We could not be more impressed — or more grateful.”

– Richard S., Partner
Dallas-based Acoustical Design firm

We know Business IT.

3T Pro provides 24/7 Computer Support and IT Services to a wide variety of small- and medium-sized businesses across Dallas, Ft. Worth and beyond. We offer hourly and managed IT Services, Cloud, Project Management, Business Continuity, and much more. Our mission is to keep your technology humming so you can keep your business growing.

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