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Hourly or Managed IT Support

We offer two different pricing models at 3T Pro. Some businesses prefer to only call for technical support when the need arises so they adopt the Break-Fix model. Other customers prefer to have a fixed monthly cost for services so they adopt the Managed Services model.

At 3T Pro we offer both models and have outlined the respective options below so you can consider and compare. We’re committed to providing service and support that works best for you and your business.

Hourly or Managed IT Support

Break-Fix Support Model

Break-Fix Support – M-F 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • Basic support is always FREE (simple Q & A)
  • Helpdesk support during business hours
  • Onsite support during business hours
  • 4 Hour or less response time to requests
  • 15-minute billing increments
  • Travel allowance: $15.00
  • Billing rate: $125 /h
Phone | Remote | Email

You’re only billed once we deliver a detailed problem resolution!

  • Basic support is always FREE (simple Q & A)
  • 15-minute billing increments
Desktop or Server Support

It’s simple one rate for all your computer support needs

  • $125.00 during normal business hours
  • 15-minute billing increments
Sever Migrations & Projects
  • $160.00 per hour | 24/7
  • 15-minute billing increments
  • After hours emergency response 1 hr.
Travel Allowance
  • $15.00 – Dallas County

Managed Services Model

Platinum Support Overview – 24/7 Support
  • 24 hour phone support for all Network / PC issues
  • Customer portal for ticket tracking
  • Standard response time 2 hour or less
  • Emergency response afterhours 1 hour or less
  • Desktop support for all office / remote users
  • Monthly systems overview report
  • Onsite visits scheduled as necessary
Managed Desktops $80 /ea
  • Desktop resource monitoring
  • Asset tracking systems
  • Warranty status reporting
  • Remote access controls
  • OS and application patching
  • IT process automation
Desktop Anti-virus & Monitoring $3.50 /ea
  • Mac and PC protection
  • Desktop health monitoring
  • Asset tracking details
  • Quick support help-desk access
  • Advanced heuristics scanning
  • USB scanning / protection
  • Self-healing shield
Managed Onsite Server $195 /ea
  • Hardware: Oversee manufacturer warranty parts replacement
  • Software: Microsoft OS Updates performed monthly / as required
  • Security: Add, move and change user requests
  • Network: Monitor ISP issues and escalate until resolution
Managed Cloud Server $125 /each
  • Cloud account management and control
  • Software: Microsoft OS Updates performed monthly / as required
  • Security: Add, move and change user requests
  • Network: Monitor issues and escalate until resolution
Managed Firewall / Customer Owned $130 /ea
  • Monitor hardware level events
  • Perform firewall firmware review / updates
  • Provide procurement options if replacemetn is needed
  • Manage all setup, changes, rules, routing and adjustments

Terms & Conditions

At 3T Pro we pride ourselves in being the most flexible by the hour or managed service provider in Dallas. Below are a few of our terms and conditions, should you have any questions please reference your consulting agreement or contact our sales department.

Please review our Web Hosting Agreement & DOT.com Agreement before we host your website so you know the rules. We take spamming and like items very seriously when detected.

All hardware and software sales are final due to the deep discounts we receive from our many vendors and then are able to pass along to you the customer.

Prior to beginning services with 3T Pro your sales representative had you sign our consulting agreement. This outlines all areas of support and general guidelines. Please contact us should you have any questions.

3T Pro subscription services including hosted exchange, spam filtering, cloud services and offsite backup are provided on a 12 month term.  After the expiration of the initial term services will automatically extend for another 12 months unless 60 days notice is provided to terminate the subscription. In the event of an early termination request any discounts applied are void and original pricing will be followed. Should you have any questions please speak with your sales representative.


We offer multiple payment options for our clients as well as net 15 days invoicing for established customers.

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