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To arrange a free on site assessment of your current system call us to arrange an appointment. We would be pleased to assess your system needs and submit a written proposal with no obligation. At 3T Pro we look forward to serving you.

For prompt service please call 972-509-0585 / 866-286-2918 or email sales @

Below are a few of our many Business IT Services:

In many instances one of our remote system engineers can solve issues via remote technology. Our technical staff can check your system and make corrections to minimize downtime. This service can be very cost effective and quick. Our on staff systems engineers assist many of our customers daily with quick questions. Quick answers to simple system questions are provided free of charge.

When the need arises, contact us and we can send a professionally trained field engineer to assess the situation. They will provide you with a prompt solution on the spot or initiate a proposal to resolve your issues in a streamlined manner. Our engineers are in constant contact with 3T Pro staff to provide rapid responses to keep your systems on the go.

Have you ever purchase IT equipment from a retailer only to discover the software was not configured correctly or the pack you purchased did not include proper cabling or you had to spend hours on a 1 – 800 help line? Our staff works daily with vendors to stay informed of up to the minute changes in technology. When you need hardware 3T Pro is ready to make system recommendations that are configured and ready for seamless installation. By using 3T Pro you are not at the mercy of a retailer’s clerk who may not sell you the right equipment with the right stuff on the first go round.

When ordering hardware 3T Pro will order the right equipment and will schedule delivery, installation, and start up. We can also arrange to responsibly remove data and recycle outdated hardware. Recommendations will be made to satisfy your budget and scheduling will be coordinated to get your new system in place as promptly as possible. Oh and you are welcome to shop our pricing. You will be even more satisfied to know that we offer competitive pricing from well known vendors like Dell. Microsoft and Cisco. Remember you do not have to make multiple trips for your system. Just make the call to 3T Pro to get your system up and running.

In order to maximize your business’s potential you should involve our CIO level experts with future planning. It’s best to have a cohesive and well thought out plan to align your business efforts and systems for years to come. Technology changes rapidly. Our CIO level team offers an invaluable service to small and medium sized businesses. This level of forecasting and planning is normally only available to large companies with costly IT departments. Our expertise will help you leverage technology to maximize your profits for years to come while avoiding costly IT decisions that you may regret.

Many system outages can be prevented or detected early by having on site maintenance at set intervals. These visits also work well for servicing any IT issues that arise between intervals. A consistent visit from your 3T Pro on site engineer keeps your office running efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Your 3T Pro field engineer arrives at a set time to check your systems and address any on the spot needs.

3T Pro will provide you with accurate updates regarding hardware orders, tracking and scheduling. You will have access to speak to a 3T Pro representative when needed. We work with your schedule to keep your systems working to minimize down time. We offer after hours and weekend support when needed. 3T Pro is staffed to take care of you when you need us the most.

3T Pro has been on the cutting edge of IT cloud services in Dallas, Texas for years. We have leveraged multiple vendors to bring businesses like yours the best experience possible when cloud solutions are selected. We handle every aspect of your cloud solution for you including evaluation, purchasing, delivering and superior ongoing support. As your trusted IT expert you can count on us to deliver rock-solid solutions your business can count on.

How important is your peace of mind? What happens if your servers go down? We provide assurance to hundreds of customers by monitoring their servers. Our dashboard system monitors server storage space, power supply and many other indicators that help us anticipate any issues. Based on your direction we can alert you of potential failures and offer preventative solutions.

In the event of a system failure we offer offsite data back up. Your data will be backed up at regular intervals and monitored by our 24 X 7 state of the art system. Alerts are sent around the clock of a potential failure. All of your data is encrypted and password protected which assures you of a safe environment giving you peace of mind that you have a back up plan with 3T Pro.

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