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Dallas IT Computer Consulting | 3T Pro | Imagine not having to invest thousands of dollars into replacing aging computer hardware or calling a service technician in a panic because your server is down while your employees sit idle or having to dump large chunks of money at the most inopportune times because some computer disaster occurred. If these thoughts appeal to you then you completely grasp the benefits of managed IT services or in its expanded version; technology-as-a-service.

Many small business owners struggle with technology in their business for a number of reasons. For one, they don’t have an IT department at their disposal. As a result they often make bad technology decisions based on trying to put out a fire or address some particular need without really understanding the overall investment or the having the technical acumen to properly set up a computer network. Another problem is that most small businesses employ an ad-hoc approach to technology. There is often very little planning beyond the immediate needs or perceived problems and no real big-picture understanding of how to use technology for business process improvement. This often leads to an unstable environment made up of the wrong purchase decisions: software isn’t a good fit and quickly depreciating hardware purchased ad hoc. The situation is worsened by a lack of management methodology and best practices in place to keep the network standardized and running properly.

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