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iPhone Tethering

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This thread will walk you through the process of tethering a jailbroken iPhone to the PC running Windows XP in order to use your phone’s EDGE (or data connection) to surf the internet through the PC. While this process does work, it is not without its headaches.

Setting up the proxy through Firefox:
1. Tools > Options then Advanced TAB at the top

Firefox Options

You will need to setup the http proxy to forward to Port 8080.

Firefox Proxy

2. Configuring the Ad-Hoc Network on the PC (XP):

1. Go to Start –> Settings –> Network Connections.
2. Right click on wireless network connection and select properties.

3. Under the general tab, highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties.

4. You need to manually input the computer’s IP address as: and the subnet mask as: . Leave the rest blank and select OK.

5. Now at the top of the window, go to Wireless Networks.

6. Although mine is currently only displaying one preferred network (iPhone), you need to force your computer to only see ad-hoc networks. Otherwise, any preferred network (infrastructure mode) will get selected over the ad-hoc network. You force the computer into ad-hoc only mode by selecting advanced –> then clicking on the computer-to-computer networks only.

7. Now it’s time to setup the ad-hoc network. Click add and you should see this window come up:

8. Type in an SSID (I used iPhone) and select whether or not your want encryption. I would recommend encryption in case you accidentally leave this network setup – your computer will continue to broadcast the network. Additionally, it’s just a good idea to secure your network. I used WEP (even if it is weak encryption) with a five character password. Ensure you select that this is an ad hoc network.

9. Now select the connection tab and click connect when in range.

10. Ok, now you have successfully setup your ad-hoc (on the computer), assigned the PC the IP . Now we need to setup the iPhone.

== Setting up the iPhone to tether:

1. This goes without saying, but you need to have a jailbroken iPhone for any of this to work. I am currently running firmware version 1.1.4 and I used ZiPhone to crack the phone (i.e. – put on the phone). Additionally, you will want to select auto-lock never under Settings –> General (as this will kill your internet connect if the iPhone goes to sleep).

2. Open and click the install button on the bottom.
3. Select Tinyproxy and install the software.

4. Go to settings –> Wi-Fi and then select your ad-hoc network (it should be displayed).

5. Although it may say it is joined, you must select the blue arrow and manually assign an IP address. For the phone, this will be and subnet

6. That’s it! Assuming that you setup your wireless correctly and your iPhone according to these directions, you should notice that the wireless icon on the eeePC finally shows that a connection has been made. Open Firefox and test out your connection.

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