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No Long Term Contracts Required

At 3T Pro we don’t believe in paying for services you don’t need. Other companies require monthly contracts that are expensive. Our philosophy is you should only pay for what’s needed.

Pay as you go is the way to go

At 3T Pro we offer a cost effective “pay as you go” pricing structure. Other IT company’s put their income needs first over your needs to make sure that they stay in business with your monthly recurring revenue. We have been in business since 1992 with our successful pricing structure. We do not charge monthly minimums or prepaid hours. We do not charge for service based on how many working machines that you have. Instead we charge an affordable hourly rate. Therefore you pay only for what is needed while the repair is underway. (Most people do not pay their auto mechanic when the car is working fine.) Our many satisfied clients prefer to participate in the management of their own system. Our consultative style allows you to manage your IT budget and make sure that you are getting the right system enhancements over time.

No surprises with 3T Pro CIO Level Planning

We begin our relationship with you by offering a free on site system assessment. Once complete we can make recommendations based on how your business runs. We listen to your needs, objectives, and experience. Then design a plan that gets the job done. By evaluating your system’s history and then assessing your business goals we design a proactive solution for your system. We can implement changes in phases that respect your IT budget and your schedule. This process allows you to budget and therefore manage any major IT expenditures well before deployment. Other IT companies justify their higher monthly charges by attempting to offer all inclusive service. They want you to prepay for any IT surprises whether they occur or not. At 3T Pro we offer advice that provides plenty of notice for you to budget and anticipate your IT projects. Our process enables you to play an active role in how your business system is managed. By signing up with a competitor’s managed services contract you have to adhere to that contract’s rules and policies which govern your system and how it will be serviced and managed.

Pay for only the services you need

Other IT company’s may offer some services included in their monthly rate such as spam filtering and monitoring. At 3T Pro we offer an affordable menu of pricing for services so that you may choose the services that your business needs while saving money every month. We do not lump service offerings together and hope you will not notice the high monthly fee that the competitors charge. Our many satisfied clients appreciate knowing the cost of each service they select whether it’s for offsite backups, system monitoring or any of the other enterprise class services we provide. Our clients remark to us that they enjoy knowing what they are paying for and having the ability to choose the right services that fit their business needs.

The right information to make the right choice: 3T Pro

Our goal is to work with you over time to help you create an affordable system that performs optimally to meet your business needs. We offer support for your hardware and software so that your system works properly and securely. We offer proactive advice and system planning so that your IT expenditures create an effective solution over time. Other IT companies provide solutions based on what is easiest for them and their company. 3T Pro allows you to make informed choices about hardware and software purchases. We provide the system knowledge and background information needed to make informed business choices as your business grows and your IT needs change. Pay as you go with 3T Pro! Contact us today for a free system evaluation.

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