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Our Data Recovery Services provides the highest level of professional data recovery at competitive prices. Data recovery costs vary significantly from case to case. Each case is dependent on many factors such as amount and type of media, condition of the media, amount of resources used, and the overall time needed to recover the data.

As an example, a 160 GB hard drive with minor problems can be recovered easier than a severely damaged 1GB hard drive. For this reason, we price each project only after carefully evaluating the amount of time needed and the cost of replacement components required to recover the data from your media.

You will receive a quote for the recovery of your data upon completion of its evaluation. The price quoted is not a price range. It is the price you will pay upon the successful completion of the recovery. You will pay only the quoted price even if the recovery takes more work than we originally expected. Recovery specialists will not begin any billable recovery service until you have the opportunity to review and approve the quote.  If you do not accept the quote for recovery, your media will be returned to you and you pay only a $100 set up fee plus any applicable taxes and shipping costs.

The 3T Pro RAID system recovery pricing is extremely low by industry standards due to the proprietary software used to recover these arrays. The 3T Pro system minimizes the use of manpower resources which allows us to reduce the cost. Typically, the cost to recover a RAID system is just $500 to $600 per drive.


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