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Resilient Infrastructure

That’s the power of Disaster Recovery.


Servers do fail and site-wide disasters do happen, which can bring down critical applications and grind business to a halt. It’s why every company needs a disaster recovery solution. 3T Pro’s “DR” Disaster Recovery protection engages business continuity for mission critical servers and infrastructure, combining image-based software with virtualization to provide enhanced recovery options.

DR captures snapshots of a server including its operating system, applications and configurations and stores them on a secure onsite drive. In a disaster recovery is fast to help maintain maximum uptime and keep your business running full speed ahead.

♦ Disaster recovery relief server provided during an outage
♦ Bootable image-based software for maximum server protection
♦ Multiple recovery points help minimize downtime
♦ Restore to the same or dissimilar server hardware
♦ Robust monitoring and reporting systems

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