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Encrypted Offsite Backups

Secure Offsite BackupsIn today’s world, most organizations are clear about the need to protect their most important asset, “their data”. An offsite backup is a secure, simple and affordable alternative to a traditional backup solution.

Traditional solutions can sometimes be effective, but they need upfront investment, ongoing maintenance and internal staff to maintain and operate them. The word “frustrating” best describes these backups – especially during a crisis when key data is to be recovered without delay. Offsite backup is a modern yet proven solution to simplify your backup needs. Here are a few more reasons why our backup service will meet not only your backup needs but your budget as well.

Key Benefits
♦ Enjoy peace of mind in safeguarding critical business data
♦ 256 bit SSL military level encryption utilized for communications
♦ Data is encrypted before sending by way of secure SSL channel
♦ Complete protection even when files are opened
♦ Flexible backup scheduler to implement your desired backup policy easily
♦ Restorable to any version of backed up files contained on backup server
♦ Flexible retention policy settings to meet your regulation requirements
♦ Easy monitoring with extensive daily email backup status reports

Supported Systems
♦ Microsoft Exchange Server 10 /13 /16
♦ Microsoft SQL Server
♦ Microsoft Hyper-V Server
♦ VMware ESX / ESXi Server / Workstation /
♦ Oracle Database | Lotus Domino / Notes | MySQL
♦ Supported OS | Windows 7 > 2012 / SBS 2011 / Unix / Linux / Mac

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