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Safe online banking |

December, 13, 2017 by: Tags: 0 Comments

Dallas computer support In today’s modern world, people use every resource to make their hectic lifestyles a little easier. The World Wide Web has made many menial tasks much simpler and quicker to perform than they might otherwise be done through conventional methods. An email to Australia, for example, can be delivered in seconds whereas […]

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RAID Systems |

December, 12, 2017 by: Tags: , 0 Comments

Dallas computer support With the budget required to afford a RAID system you might be a little surprised to find that RAID data recovery is required. Well, any RAID system provides increased data security by being fault tolerant but they are not fault proof systems. RAID data recovery will be required if there are multiple […]

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Efficient Vista Registry |

December, 11, 2017 by: Tags: , 0 Comments

Dallas computer support – A Vista registry is nothing but a centrally protected depository, which is needed by the Windows system. The application inimitably describes specific system installation, which also includes system security policy, installed applications and user-specific operating environments. This database gives us information on all installed hardware components and associated configuration information including […]

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Yes Means No Trojan |

December, 10, 2017 by: Tags: , 0 Comments

Dallas Computer Support Similar to viruses, Trojans copy, distribute and kill your data. Obviously since you would never permit these actions, Trojans do not bother to ask for your permission. Trojans are deceptive programs which don’t take no for an answer. Any keystroke means yes to them. They are mainly designed to steal your data […]

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Data Loss |

December, 09, 2017 by: Tags: , 0 Comments

Data loss is a serious issue, which most businesses and individuals will encounter at some point in their digital lives. It can cripple businesses, ruin careers and generally cause a great deal of unnecessary stress. This article will attempt to generalize a strategy for dealing with such scenarios. Understanding Data Loss: Generally data loss can […]

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Dallas computer support and repair Blog

December, 08, 2017 by: Tags: 0 Comments

Dallas Computer Support Blog by CategoryActiveX Controls: ActiveX Controls Are They Safe | http://3tpro.comChoosing Monitor: Choosing Your Monitor | http://3tpro.comComputer Repair Dallas: Dallas Computer RepairDallas Computer Support: | Dallas Computer SupportDallas IT: Computer ConsultingDallas Wireless Access: Unsecured Wi-Fi Access | http://3tpro.comDallas-Computer Blog: Dallas computer support and repair BlogData-Recovery: Data Loss | http://3tpro.comDVD Backup: DVD […]

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Good and Bad Spyware Scanners |

December, 07, 2017 by: Tags: 0 Comments

Dallas Computer Support When you come to know about spyware and adware attack on you computers, many of your get confuse about what to do and sometimes you try to use your open methods that can provide harm to your pc to a great extent. What they do not do is approach professional spyware consultants […]

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Unsecured Wi-Fi Access |

December, 06, 2017 by: Tags: , , 0 Comments

Dallas computer consulting During the Black Hat 2007 Conference, a quick display of hacker technology demonstrated just how secure –or not– Wi-Fi hotspots are. In the middle of a conference presentation, session identifiers and cookies were captured from the internet browser of a random user accessing an unsecured wireless signal. The result? The helpless audience […]

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Dallas Computer Repair

December, 06, 2017 by: Tags: , , , , , 0 Comments

Dallas Computer Repair At Dallas computer repair by 3T Pro we provide computer network repair services in all the Dallas and surrounding areas. In addition to our on-site computer support and repair we also provide remote network and computer support to our valued customers. Let 3T Pro be your complete computer support department for all […]

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Preventing Malware & Spyware Attacks |

December, 05, 2017 by: Tags: 0 Comments

Dallas computer support As more computer owners learn about spyware and its damaging effects on our PC’s, there is still a hidden threat that hasn’t made front-page news yet. Sure, some of us have heard of the growing ‘malware problem,’ but in order to prevent such an occurrence from affecting us, it’s vital to know […]

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