IT Planning & StrategyThe whole discussion of reducing paper by using technology has a variety of outcomes and directions.  Now we are talking about reducing paper, not recycling.  That’s a different story.  When one is reducing paper that means they are foregoing using paper.

So, foregoing using paper might sound environmentally sound, studies are pretty much inconclusive.  But saving money by not using paper—that’s yet another matter. Non-profits like Two Sides assert that most “green initiatives“ in companies are about saving money and not saving the environment.

All that said, should you make the effort to reduce paper in your office through the use of technology?

While contrary to popular thinking, going paperless does not save trees, it does save energy and make your office more productive.  By not printing things you may find yourself relying on technological tools including:

  • Mobile apps. Take the content right to your workers wherever they are.
  • FoIP or fax over internet protocol. Not only saves a bulky machine and all of the associated paper, it also eliminates a land-based phone line.
  • Managed print services. This outsources printing and actually takes it offsite and targets the actual amount of paper you will need.
  • Rights management software allows users to restrict access to printers and types of printing, which also reduces ink usage.
  • Document imaging software creates digital files, reducing paper files and storage.

It’s really not just about saving trees or money. Reducing paper usage is all about streamlining file management and making access to information easier.