IT services are needed in almost any size of company. There are a few different styles of IT services, such as in house IT services, managed IT services in Plano, or a hybrid or combination of these styles. Each style has a role to play, but knowing what your company needs is important.

Size matters:

The size of the company will play a role in the style of IT services you require. It has been thought that, if there are under 15 computers or end points, one server, and one location (not including remote work), an in house style of IT may be more suitable, and that managed IT is normally for larger companies with more computers and end points and multiple locations. However, depending on the IT needs, even smaller companies can benefit from the comprehensive coverage of a managed service.

Managed services can ensure that the computers are secure, that the software and hardware are up to date, and that there is strong but secure connectivity between multiple office locations. When there are more end users and an increase in hardware, or if it would be too costly to hire the number of in-house IT professionals your small business needs to succeed, this may be a good indication that your company needs a managed IT service.

When you need managed IT services in Plano right now

This may be a question worth exploring when looking at in house IT services versus managed IT services. Knowing that there is someone in the office down the hall that is responsible for your IT services can be received positively. There is a downside to this, though: what if your IT provider is off sick or on holidays and is not available? What if there is a company-wide issue and you only have one worker contracted to fix the problem. This could mean a delay in response and recovery time. When working with a managed IT services, you have an entire team assigned to solve problems as soon as things happen—even in the off hours or during holidays—because most managed IT companies have a 24 hour help desk.

Knowledge is power

When working with an in house IT service, you have limited people helping. Although they are qualified and skilled, the company is drawing from limited resources and knowledge when fixing a problem. There are some advantages: an in house technician could have more understanding of how the company works, the software and hardware that is on site, and a personal relationship with other employees. However, when using managed IT services in Plano, there is a company full of knowledge to draw from. Sometimes, when working on a particular issue, a solution may be found outside the box. When there are many people to run ideas past, a new solution may come to light. Click here to know more.