In today’s world, if you don’t rely on information technology (IT) daily, chances are you either don’t’ understand what IT is or you haven’t integrated it into your business as effectively as you could be doing.

When PCs started coming into businesses in the early 1980s, it wasn’t long before they became integral to how a business ran. Replacing typewriters and file cabinets and then moving onto shop floors and into salespeople’s tote bags, they soon became a pretty much ubiquitous fixture for business people.

Just a Tool?

So, it only makes sense to include them into the overarching picture of your business rather than thought of as “just a tool.”

Do you think of the machines your shop team uses to make your products as “just a tool?” Is your online law library “just a tool” or integral to the function of your practice?

Looking at the Bigger Picture

These may seem like ridiculous statements, but we see so many companies that aren’t seeing the big picture.

There was a time when you had an IT issue, it was the IT department’s problem.  Now, with computers, systems, software and security being so interwoven with business activity and practices, if any IT element is impacted, the whole business is impacted.

Risk versus Reward

This same risk is also a reward.  The efficiencies of this integration also can drive growth and the resulting impact on the bottom line.  Your IT manager should probably be promoted to CIO (Chief Information Officer) and have a seat at your leadership team table.

IT and the Bottom Line

How does IT spur growth and impact the bottom line?  Here’s a short list:

  • Data gathered from your sales team and reported regularly is generated by com putters and systems managed by your IT team.
  • Operations data driving your production and similar operations is computer based.
  • All of your HR records, training and practices are secured within your IT infrastructure.
  • Financial records and reporting themselves are secured, reported and accessed via IT services.

And the list goes on.

How to Get There

Of course, a critical part of this line of thinking is having the right strategic IT partner, whether internal or external.  Resources are more than equipment and software.  The human component along with successful processes  are critical to the success of any IT-driven enterprise.

See us so you can take the right steps down this path of integration and true company growth.

*photos courtesy of Upsplash photographers Helloquence and Rawpixel