What Should Managed IT Services in Plano Do Exactly?

Before you decide if it is time to switch service providers, you should examine the expectations that you have for your managed IT services in Plano. While each service provider may offer a slightly different suite of services, in general, you can expect managed IT services to include:

IT strategy solutions

• 24/7 Help Desk

• Onsite Support

Cloud Services

Disaster Recovery

• Security and Monitoring

• Equipment Procurement

Is It Time to Switch Your IT Managed Services Provider?

If the company you are working with isn’t covering these basic services to the level that you’d expect, you might be wondering if you should find a new company to work with. How do you know when it is the right time to make the switch? Here are five signs that it is time to start interviewing:

They aren’t staying current.

One of the most important things that your managed IT services provider can do is help you stay up to date with the most cutting-edge technologies that are pertinent to your industry. If your service provider isn’t doing this, then it is time to find someone who will.

1) Their customer service isn’t working for you.

If your business has outgrown the customer service capabilities of the managed IT service that you’re working with, it might be time to move on. You need your IT issues resolved ASAP in order to keep your business working. Look for a service provider that can offer 24/7 customer service AND onsite support.

2) Do you trust your managed IT services provider?

If you don’t trust them to be fair and to offer great services, it is time to move on. Great things can happen when you have a trusting relationship with your business’ managed IT service provider. Work with a team that you can trust.

3) Do they communicate clearly?

Communication is so important in everything, and that includes your managed IT services. If calls with your managed IT services provider are leaving you feeling slightly confused, it is time to find a company that is better at communication.

4) Are you getting good value for your money?

It is always a good idea to reassess your managed IT services agreement periodically to make sure that costs haven’t started to edge up without your knowledge. Make sure you are still getting a good value. If not, it is time to shop around.

Working with the Best

For the best managed IT services in Plano, contact our team at 3TPro. We are committed to helping our clients succeed. We take pride in staying on top of everything IT-related so you don’t have to. We help our customers’ businesses thrive with professional, trustworthy, and reliable managed IT services.