Operating a business is an endless list of tasks and processes. From your day-to-day operations and filling customer orders, to reviewing your insurance documents or utility bills, it can seem like you’re constantly running back and forth from your office to the front desk, filing cabinets, or printers. Luckily, utilizing cloud service for small business can help simplify things for you by making everything more accessible.

Share Network Access

Cloud services for small business store your network in the cloud rather than on individual machines or hardware servers. This allows all employees to quickly access select shared folders so that everyone can reference or review relevant documents.

This can be especially useful for things like customer work orders and billing information, allowing your employees to assist customers and complete projects without having to track down the person who created the file. All the information is easily accessible. Project schedules can be posted or modified for everyone to easily review via cloud services for small business, so the whole team stays updated.

Remote Access from Multiple Devices

Remote access to a work network can be a huge time saver for any business. This will allow your employees in the field access to create shared documents from anywhere. Your sales team can create the document and submit an order on their laptop right in front of your customer, and your production staff can access the file immediately. No more waiting for them to send out emails to all necessary staff. Your install staff can pull up a work order on their phone for reference while on site rather than having to call in and pull your project manager’s attention off of their task just to answer a simple question. Using cloud services for small business can save your operation from hundreds of time-consuming micro-transactions.

Hardware System Access

Accessing your hardware systems remotely by using cloud services for small business can be very useful as well. Send appropriate files to the printers of specific staff or departments, and once again, do it from anywhere on any network device. This eliminates the need to directly email everyone, for staff to print it themselves, or for you to print multiple copies in your office and then walk around your office distributing those notices. If you know that your drafting department needs a set of plans printed, send them directly to their printer. Once you’ve completed a set of project directions from a client, send them to your production department by printing the entire document directly to their printer.

Customized Sharing Services

Sharing is caring, but sometimes only certain documents need to be shared with specific employees. While you could just email any sensitive documents to specific staff, cloud services for small business can allow for multiple shared folders and networks so individual staff can have access to only the folders that are appropriate to their jobs. Your production staff will likely not need access to your monthly expense reports, for example.

Cloud services for small business can create a customized, time-saving system that you and your business can use to thrive, optimizing your time and effort. No two businesses are identical, so don’t just use some off-the-rack server to run your business. Use a system that lets you and your staff organize your operation in the way that makes the most sense for your business. Click here for more information.