Ever had your home or office broken into? How did that feel? And how did it impact your business?

One of 3T Pro’s key clients, a globally renowned acoustical design firm based in Dallas, became rightfully panicked when their offices were burglarized and all computers and servers were stolen.

“We had a serious business crisis,” Richard C., one of the partners in the firm said. “All of our current files, including design blueprints and proposals were lost. And the odds of recovering the stolen equipment were grim. Projects came to a screeching halt.”

The firm, which operates much like an architectural firm, relies extensively on drawings, specifications and large amounts of back up data. To not have access to their materials digitally, was an extreme business problem.

After one phone call, 3T Pro secured new equipment and had their entire network and data restored and back up to speed within 48 hours. Thanks to having off-site backup of their data and a technician familiar with the business and system, the restart was almost seamless.

“3T Pro is a true partner,” Richard said. “They had us back up and running almost immediately. We could not be more impressed—or grateful.”

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