It’s been said that size matters.  Big fish in a small pond and all that.

Yet there comes a time in the lifecycle of every company when trying to have a dedicated, internal IT manager comes to an end.

So, just when is that?

Really, any time. Since outsourcing keeps costs low and controlled, you could start with an outsourced IT partner.  If you understand your needs and have a trusted supplier (partner) they can specify things right from the git-go.

Truly, if IT is not your core competency, then you should definitely start out or find a partner early in the life cycle of your company.  Realtor, lawyers and oil and gas experts shouldn’t be stringing cable and installing software.


Letting go of the IT services portion of your business frees you up, as the business owner, to focus on your product or service.  Or, as some say, working on your business not in it.

Here’s a short list of reasons to outsource:

  • It’s not at the core of your business. Unless you are an IT services or computing company, letting those who have the expertise do the work only makes the best sense.
  • In the long run, it will save you money. Again, if it is not your business, you will spend big time trying to set up the infrastructure to support your needs.
  • It minimizes disruption. If you aren’t messing with stuff you don’t know, you can focus on what you do know.
  • It controls spending. Depending on the agreements you put in place, a retained partner will ensure you have a given slate of services for a predictable price. Your CFO will love you.
  • It will help you scale your business. When the rest of your business is ready to expand, it will be easier to have the specialists scale with you rather than you having to guess or invent the process. Consequently, size of your company doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter.
  • It will put specialized, skilled people on call. Why put a specialized professional on your payroll when you buy their time fractionally?
  • It makes regulatory compliance Again, the experts will put you in a better place.

The answer is yes and the time is now.  If you need help finding an appropriate IT partner, give us a call.


*photos courtesy of rawpixel from Upsplash