How can your technology provider make you money?   Are you paying your staff to handle technology issues that could be handled more effectively by your tech support company?

In this age of outsourcing can you certainly save money by partnering with the right IT company.  And savings does translate into making money.  Let’s count the ways:

  1. By hiring a strategic IT partner, you are leveraging talent by buying it when you need it, not having it full time. Over time, buying talent by the hour and when it’s working is cheaper than having it around full time when it’s not productive.
  2. Using off-premise hardware and software services saves on your rent or mortgage, utilities and general maintenance.
  3. Subscription services for software and hardware rental will give you predictable and by-usage rates allowing you to scale your needs and costs.
  4. They keep you up to date in terms of software, technology and techniques. They learn from others and bring that skill and knowledge to your situation.

Savings does translate to making money.  And it can save you tremendously over time.  The best time is to start now.  Devise a plan, interview candidates from referral and make a smart choice based upon capability as well as cost.