For many businesses, data is a very crucial part of the proper operation of whatever services they provide. Data needs to be managed properly, especially when you are working with customer data, proprietary data, or data from corporate partners. If you cannot manage your data, if you lose your data, or if you have it stolen from you, your business can suffer drastically, or it could even collapse under your feet. Most companies that have important data stored will have an in-house IT staff managing it, as well as ensuring that employees are following proper data handling procedures for security. However, in-house IT teams are often juggling every aspect of the IT needs of a company. Beyond security, they are also handling IT support, hardware management, network stability, etc. If you want the most security for your data, you probably have considered hiring an external managed IT service in Dallas to keep your data safe.

What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

A provider for managed IT services in Dallas can supply you with any IT services you need that can’t be covered by your in-house IT team. This includes a wide variety of tasks, from 24/7 on-call IT support, to network security and data management. Hiring a managed IT service provider for your data can give you access to trained security experts that can suggest any necessary changes to your infrastructure to ensure that your data is safe and secure. In the event there does happen to be a breach of your IT infrastructure, they can ensure you have a recovery plan in place to get your business back up and running as soon as possible, and to recover data quickly to minimize your downtime. If you are spending weeks to recover from a data breach, you could potentially lose a lot of business and damage your bottom line heavily.

Improving Your Data Storage Options

One of the first suggestions a managed IT service in Dallas will make will be expanding your data backup plans. Many companies will store their data on servers within their own premises, but this is only a single backup option; it doesn’t offer the redundancy necessary in the event that your network gets hit with a virus, hardware failure, or ransomware attack. By providing your company with a way to securely store your data on cloud servers provided by the Managed IT service provider, you will have better security through off-site backups that are separated from your main backups. This will ensure that infections do not make it through to corrupt all your backup data. Ideally the service provider you select will have multiple servers available for backing up data, and they will be a far distance apart to protect your data from natural disasters.

With your data secured by a managed IT service in Dallas, your in-house IT team can focus on other aspects of your IT infrastructure and needs, and your business can also more easily focus on the services it provides without having to worry about your data security.

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