You already know how important IT is to any business. In this day and age, if you don’t have some form of IT support at work in your business, your business is either not thriving or is at really high risk. From the hardware your team uses everyday to the software they need to complete their jobs, to the servers that are required to facilitate data management and remote working, IT covers almost every inch of normal, day-to-day business operations. But did you know that it simply isn’t enough to have IT support? To be truly successful, scalable, and cyber-threat-free, you also need to plan your IT strategy. That’s where expert IT strategy consultants in Dallas come into play.

But why do you need an IT strategy consultant? Why not just add another IT expert to your team? Let’s take a look at the top five reasons you need an IT strategy consultant on your side.

Why do I need a consultant to plan my IT strategy?

1. Expense

The truth of the matter is that hiring a permanent IT strategy expert is expensive. Odds are, you probably aren’t going to need that expert all the time. You need them to step in at key points in your business timeline, and when they do step in, you need them to be fully prepped and equipped to serve your needs quickly, effectively, and with guaranteed results. This is the kind of support you can only get when you reach out to an IT strategy consultant because they have the skills, expertise, and resources to allocate to your company when you need it, and you won’t have to foot the bill for the downtime when you don’t.

2. Security

Probably the most important IT strategy businesses need to keep top-of-mind right now is cybersecurity. You need to be able to protect your company, your employees, and your clients from cyber attacks, data breaches, and data losses. That means planning an IT strategy that can protect your business now while proactively looking forward to future threat potential to help you become aware of any threat areas and mitigate those threats before the unthinkable can happen. An IT strategy consultant can help because they have teams of people who are constantly looking forward to future threats, and who have top-level experience running security audits that can help you safeguard your IT environment today while strategically planning for the IT needs of the future.

3. When the unthinkable happens

When something does go wrong with your IT infrastructure, you need it resolved right away to prevent risk and to prevent your clients from being inconvenienced or even jeopardized by downtime. With an IT consultant, you have additional support at the ready. You won’t need to disrupt your IT team’s work processes every time a crisis happens because the people who can resolve that issue best are either a phone call away, or they have been monitoring your infrastructure for you and have already called you to alert you to the fact that they intercepted a potential problem and took the necessary steps to resolve it before it could escalate to a crisis point.

Where do I find the best IT strategy consultants in Dallas?

At 3T Pro, we have the specialized teams to offer you support at every level of your IT strategy. Our core mandate is to get your business running at its prime without the high costs or time-to-field that are traditionally associated with revamping an IT infrastructure, and our end result is to get you set up with the solution that will minimize your downtime, mitigate your risk, and be able to adapt and grow with you as your IT needs change over time.