Your business is important to you, and when your technology network goes down, it can hurt productivity and profitability. Having a reliable on-site IT support department can help alleviate this trouble, but that can often be more expensive than your company can handle, or something they may need extra support, such as outsourcing security specialists. Whichever your reason for seeking an “IT support company near me,” you should check on these few things before you hire.

Live Support and Remote IT Support Services

The first thing you should check when hiring an IT support company near me is whether they do live telephone or text support, and whether they can offer remote IT support services. Oftentimes, issues that your company may have don’t actually need someone to physically come to the office, particularly if the issue is software related rather than hardware. In these cases, prompt 24/7 live phone support is best, that which is capable of remotely connecting into your company’s workstations as necessary.

Network Monitoring and Maintenance

Having your network go down is huge trouble in companies these days; everybody is interconnected, and they often need an internet connection to complete their work. The IT support company near me that you choose should be able to remotely monitor your network, and to perform preventative maintenance to ensure maximum uptime.

Service Contracts

Hiring an IT support company near me needs a certain guarantee on what they will do for you, and that is cemented by service contracts. As well, you don’t want to be left high and dry if they drop you suddenly, so try to get a contract that requires a certain number of months’ notice for termination.


Keeping your data and the data of your clients secure is very important. The IT support company near me that you choose should have IT security experts on their team that are capable of securing your network and data from any threats. You could also inquire into to whether they have ISO27001 certification for information security management.

Customer Service

Customer service is important for you when it comes to hiring an IT support company near me. They need to be able to respond promptly to your issues, 24/7, 365 days of the year. As well, the technicians working on your systems should be certified, whether their certification is through Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, or any other company whose hardware or software you have deployed, or they suggest deploying.


If the company that you get for IT support offers Cloud services for backing up your data, or for computational power, they should have the infrastructure in place to be able to handle your clientage. Can they guarantee that their infrastructure can handle a 99.9% uptime, particularly with their cloud services? Do they handle their own infrastructure, or are they reselling other companies’ services? These are important questions to as the IT support company near me.

IT Strategy & Consulting

One of the best reasons to get an IT support company near me is their expert opinions on IT infrastructure and security. Before you hire, you should ask if they offer a free IT network infrastructure audit, and if they can then give a report with short, medium, and long-term plans for an IT strategy for the company. Can you call them up at any time to ask for guidance and advice on IT plans?

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