Whether you are a large corporation with unique specializations or a small business that is just taking off, managed IT services in Dallas, TX can help you move your business forward—especially in anticipation of today’s growing digital requirements. But what are managed IT services, and how can they help you?

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services in Dallas, TX are IT services that are managed by a third-party company. It’s like outsourcing your IT needs, but instead of outsourcing each need to the different companies that can address those needs, a manages IT services company acquires any services or equipment from those companies for you, and manages them to ensure they are properly assessed, implemented, and operational.

But let’s dig a little deeper into what this actually means.

As a competitive business in today’s environment, you need to have a technological edge if you are going to remain competitive, and that means you need specialized equipment, servers to maintain your company’s (and client) data, digital security measures to keep that data locked down, a means of automatically backing up that data to a secure data storage area that may or may not need to be remotely accessible (ie: in the cloud), and, as COVID-19 has demonstrated, you need an advanced and secure digital infrastructure that will allow your company to operate remotely. To set all this up on your own, you would need to hire an extensive IT team that has individuals specialized in each of these service areas, and that team would then need to locate companies that are able to equip you with the technology and services you need. Managed IT services in Dallas, TX take the pressure off of you and your IT team.

In other words, instead of hiring or expanding your current IT team, managed IT services in Dallas, TX will come to your facility, assess your current equipment and your end requirements, come up with a specialized technical infrastructure that will get your business operating at maximum efficiency, source all the tech and tech services you need, and then install and train you on how the final setup works. Once everything is set up and operational, they also manage those IT services for you, which means they handle any future upgrades you need, maintain your security and any data hosting, deploy a specialized IT department to resolve any issues you encounter, and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter in the future. This means you achieve a professional-level technical infrastructure that is fully maintained without your having to hire and train a full IT department.

What kinds of services does this give you access to?

The other advantage of using managed IT services is that one professional consultation can set you up with multiple services that would otherwise require you to manage numerous external companies. Managed IT services in Dallas, TX can provide you with:

• Hardware and software outfitting

IT support and maintenance

• Systems management

Data backup and recovery

Cloud transformation and digitalization

• Data storage, warehousing, and management

Network monitoring and security

• Communications systems

• And more.

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