We’ve all done it—gotten complacent. We are cruising along using our information technology systems, writing this, posting that, producing documents and compiling data. Then it happens. Crash.

Yup, your hard-drive crashed. And with it all of the data you had for your business gets scattered. So, what do you do?

For Paul M., he went into a panic. His sole-proprietorship marketing company depends on the data in his system: blog posts, proposals, website content and other specialized projects all written on his Apple MacBook Pro.

“I went to install the latest operating system on my Mac,” he said. “when the time came to restart, the machine wouldn’t reboot. I couldn’t get to the data I needed.”

“I couldn’t be down for a day.”

After his initial recovery efforts, he was able to use 3T Pro’s on-line Remote Help Technical Support. It started with a phone call to the company 800 number.

“With the help of a specialist on the other end of the line,” Paul continued, “I was able to recover my drive and start to populate a new machine. Phil (the phone tech) was able to walk me through most of my issues.”

Phil also used a remote connection tool that allowed him access to Paul’s desktop. Phil showed Paul in a live talk-and- show session that took about an hour. In that hour, Phil helped Paul recover his data, show him where to reinstall it and what steps to take next.

“Being a one-person company, I have to be prepared to do everything—HR, finance, operation, and IT,” Paul continued. “Fortunately, I approached IT as I do with other aspects of my company and called upon 3T Pro for help. Phil was a call away and saved me hours and a lot of grief.

. . . . .

Do you have an immediate IT need? Do you lack the internal resources to get basic IT recovery and emergency issues resolved? 3T Pro provides a whole range of services from remote access to regular visits by our technical engineers. Call us at 972-509-0585 to open a job ticket and start the conversation.