So, you’ve got a growing company in a fast-moving industry and a whole herd of remote sales people.

How do you keep track of them and make sure that they have the tools they need to sell? And that those tools work?

“We have over 65 sales people working remotely,” Suzanne C. told me. “We are in an industry that requires that our sales people be where the customer is.”

Each of her sales people work remotely in a three-state area and are very dependent on their laptops. Sales people do everything on their machines: log sales calls, make presentations, do research and report expenses and other information back to the home office.

“When it came to equipping and supporting the sales team, I didn’t need just an IT company,” Suzanne continued. “I needed a business partner who would be looking out for me.”

Enter 3T Pro. In the 12 years the two companies have been aligned, 3T Pro has done everything from general maintenance to IT strategy to hardware and software recommendation and implementation. Suzanne’s company is a food brokerage company working with restaurants, retailers and other non-grocery food providers. It is a dynamic business working in an ever-changing industry and client base.

“A big part of what 3T Pro does is reassure us,” she said. “3T Pro’s engineer assigned to us visits our main office once a week, every Wednesday, and fields questions and solves problems as well as doing regular maintenance.”

“He helps keep our whole operation running.”

Most recently 3T Pro has taken on some special projects for Suzanne: equipping their systems with higher-level security.

. . . . .

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