When you walk out the door to go to work, do you complete a check list to make sure you have everything: wallet, keys, cell phone, laptop, tablet, smart watch? Then you go to work and sit at your desk with your computer connected to the company server and hit the print button to a remote printer somewhere in the building. If this sounds like the beginning of a normal workday, you may need to hire a managed IT services companies.

Why do you need managed IT?

Technology is rapidly changing, phones are upgraded every year or two, and new laptops are bought over a short period of time to ensure that the physical technology in your company is able to keep up with the needs of the software and applications that are being used. Working remotely or from home has had an upward trend, and this requires new physical hardware to ensure that employees are able to work efficiently. This could potentially mean installing new or additional servers or routers. It could also mean additional hardware is needed for phone systems and even external drives. When a business is unable to set up their hardware to have it work efficiently, it can have productive and financial repercussions. Hiring managed IT services can give your company a productive boost.

Outsourcing software updates

Hardware, from phones to computers, needs software upgrades on a regular basis. When thinking of your personal cell phone and the frequency that firmware updates are released, consider this on a large scale. It is no longer just, “how does this upgrade affect my phone?” but rather, “how does it affect the whole company?” Are the applications that a company uses compatible with the new firmware? When there are new software upgrades for computers and tablets, how will this affect your company? How will the new upgrades interact with your cyber security? A managed IT service company can complete testing to ensure that any new software and firmware will work seamlessly with your applications and software.

Security upgrades

Companies of all sizes need to worry about online security as well as physical security, especially with so many platforms being used to transfer confidential information over the internet to be stored on cloud-based servers. At one time, using a virtual private network (VPN) would ensure the safety of any confidential information. This is no longer the case. Even a VPN needs to be upgraded and monitored to ensure that confidential information is not accessible by unauthorized users. There once was a theory that only large companies were at risk of having their information accessed. Today, more smaller companies having their information breeched. Smaller companies that do not have up-to-date online security are easier to target than larger companies. Criminals can access credit cards and other personal information and either use or sell this information to others. When a company is hacked, it can have not only a financial implication, but its company reputation can also be ruined with detrimental effects. A managed IT service company can set up online security for your company to prevent any information from being obtained.

With the swift changes in hardware, software, and cyber security, hiring a managed IT company can increase productivity and maintain all your cyber security needs. For more information about managed IT service companies, click here.