We all live for and with data.  Our businesses depend on it, even a large part of our personal lives depend on data.

So, when it is lost or compromised, that’s a big deal.

Why?  Imagine not having access to stored files, the data your company relies on every day.  This can impact:

  • Productivity
  • Revenue
  • Reputation
  • Lost customers
  • Lost partnerships

How can you lose data?

  • Hardware failure
  • Software failure
  • Human error
  • Natural disaster
  • Theft

With so much at stake, what should you do?

  • Store your files offsite either in a physical server or in the cloud.
  • Back up your files regularly.
  • Use a system matched to your business type or industry.

Considering the risks, a regular, comprehensive backup is absolutely necessary to ensure your company’s ongoing operation