Arrh, matey, is your firm using illegal or pirated software?. That is, did you applications come from a source that either wasn’t legitimate or downloaded from a questionable source?

Beyond the basic idea of stealing, there are other consequences of using illegal software:

  • The software may not work the way it is supposed to work. Huge productivity issue.
  • Not having access to customer service support and things like upgrades.
  • No warranty protection.
  • Risk of exposing your data to viruses and other destructive invaders.
  • Potential for fines for having the software in your possession (yeah, that stealing part).
  • Public embarrassment when the Feds show up at your office.
  • Plus, it drives up the cost to those who legitimately acquired the software.

So, why take the risk? And, even if you unknowingly sell or resell pirated software, you still are liable for the fines or other punishment.

Lesson learned: buy your software from an authorized source.