It really isn’t a joke when the password to your important online accounts and systems is “password.” Most IT technical professionals see it all too often.

When you resort to this kind of simplicity you set yourself up for a number of problems, most notably the easy hacking of these accounts.  And when you use the same password for multiple accounts, you really open up a Pandora’s Box of problems.

And passwords aren’t the only area that needs to be paid attention to when it comes to basic system security.  A short list of those things you need to pay attention to on a regular (weekly or monthly) basis include:

  1. Keeping up with passwords and password protection.
  2. Having appropriate and up-to-date antivirus controls in place.
  3. Ensuring that system backups are being performed regularly.
  4. Confirming that a viable and effective firewall is in place for your systems.

Passwords.  As we’ve already covered, changing passwords regularly is not only a good idea, it should be a requirement of those in your company or using your system.  Password generators like Password Ninja or Lastpass will ensure that your passwords are not just replays of your kid’s birthday or your dog’s name.

Antivirus.  Having this protection from those nasty invaders that want to destroy your data, slow down or crash your computer or allow spammers to take over your email system is critical to having your daily business run smoothly.  The tools from SolarWinds including AV Defender are industry standards, but consult with your IT partner to ensure the right tool is being used in the right place.

Backups. The process of backing up operating systems, files and essential data is insurance against lost time, productivity and profit.  Done in real time, daily or weekly, backups of systems usually are done in the background.  Ask your IT partner for sure, but consider products like DFW Backup are a good example of what to look for in function and features.

Firewalls.  Having a business grade firewall in place to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic is a must to ensure a safe system.  This barrier will establish what can be trusted and what can’t be and be operating at critical times.  A variety of commercial options are available like SonicWALL or Unifi, but be sure and check with your IT partner for the best option for your situation.

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* photos courtesy of Upsplash and Markus Saske and Paulius Dragunas