If your business does not have an IT disaster recovery plan, your business may not be there one day. A disaster IT recovery plan involves a set of policies, tools, and procedures that enable the recovery of a vital technology infrastructure and system following a disaster. There are 5 good reasons that your IT disaster recovery planning should be a top priority.

Cyber threats have been increasing in North America.

An IT disaster recovery planning needs to take into account the possible threat of your IT becoming seized or inaccessible. During this time, there is an information security risk that could lead to further consequences. With a good recovery plan, there may be little-to-no down time while investigating this potential threat. Many companies think that it will not happen to them, that they are too small or too insignificant, but often it is these types of companies that are targeted to obtain personal information.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters can take a long time to rebuild and recover from. There are other things that can cause a business to close, too, such as a global pandemic. When businesses are closed for any length of time, the chances of not reopening grow exponentially. There are many reasons for this, but one reason is that, if a building is destroyed and the data is stored in-house, without an IT disaster recovery plan in place, this data could be unrecoverable. An IT disaster recovery planning is more than just backing data up. There needs to be policies and applications of how to recover the data when the building is not accessible.

I am only human

This is something that we say when we make a mistake. This happens probably more than we would like to admit. In other words, mistakes happen. This is another reason that you need an IT disaster recovery planning. It may not be a cyber-attack, but an honest mistake that can take down the entire business. Hitting the wrong button or unplugging the wrong cord could delete your business forever. No matter how much training employees are provided, it all can come crashing down without a good plan in place.

The customer is always important

When things go wrong, your customers will want answers. They may become angry if there is no service for a long period of time, or if their personal information has been exposed. Good clients are hard to find, and setting up a good IT disaster recovery planning can help you retain your customers when things go wrong.

Profit margins

Profit is the reason most businesses operate. Trying to restart from the beginning is time-consuming and costly, and it can lead to a lot of anxiety. With a good IT disaster recovery planning, it can save you a lot of headache and anxiety. A good plan will allow your business to be up and running quickly and efficiently following a disaster. You can operate from anywhere at any time. Investing and making an IT disaster service recovery plan a top priority can save you money.

When looking for a professional to help with your IT disaster recovery planning, think about military grade encryption for the protection of your data. Think of open-file backup solutions so nothing can be lost. Think of off-site server data back up and think of monitoring systems to ensure that everything is safe and secure. If a disaster should ever occur, then you can worry about the important things, knowing your business will be back up and running.

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