Ok, there are Roberts Rules of Order, Miss Manners and your mother’s rules.  While they are all good, they may not fit the situation you need in a particular setting.

Take, for example, how to behave on a video conference call or meeting.  There are acceptable practices and dos and don’ts.  Like chewing gum in school, there are things one should do and not do while on a video conference call.

In no particular order:

  1. Be courteous.
  2. Speak clearly.
  3. Don’t shout.
  4. Keep body movements to a minimum.
  5. Don’t interrupt other speakers.
  6. Maintain eye contact by looking into the camera.
  7. Don’t carry on side conversations.
  8. Dress appropriately.
  9. Don’t wear noisy jewelry.
  10. Be yourself and have fun.
  11. Don’t make distracting sounds.

It goes without saying that being polite is high on the list.  People will remember you by how you act long after they’ve forgotten the business you conducted on the call.

How you speak and at what volume ensures that you’ve extended the courtesy factor and are paying attention.  What you say, not how loud you say it will be remembered and heard.

Remember you are on video: some systems have a hard time processing movements.  Too fast may make it hard to be seen.

Just like in real life, making (and keeping) eye contact is important in getting your point across.  Unlike television, it is okay to break the “fourth wall.”

Carrying on side conversations is not only rude and disruptive to the person trying to keep order in the meeting, sensitive microphones can bring the conversation to the front of the room—something the conversant might not want to have happen. Ditto noisy jewelry and distracting sounds.

Even if you are a remote worker, dress for the meeting.

However, do remember it is just a meeting and you need to convey information.  So, have fun and enjoy the experience.