Are you a small to medium sized business that wants the best IT program possible? For many companies, there simply isn’t the budget to create and maintain a full in-house IT team, yet they still require constant support. In these instances, IT support services are the way to go. These services offer a cost-effective way to get top IT support and protocols in place that will help your team work more efficiently and with more security, while giving you access to IT support 247.

So what are these services? We break down the major ones offered and how they can help your company see further success.

24/7 IT Support Desk

Problems don’t just come up during office hours. In a world of round-the-clock business, you need to get the IT support required the moment you need it, whether it’s at 2 pm on a Wednesday or 4 am on a Sunday. It’s why 3T Pro offers IT support 247 via our help desk. Clients can call at literally anytime to get fast, effective, over-the-phone support.

Disaster Recovery

When the worst happens, you will need someone to help. Disaster recovery plans come in two complementary forms: preventative and reactive. For preventative disaster recovery, we install backup systems that regularly create copies of your system so you can quickly recover with as little data lost as possible. For reactive disaster recovery, our team can help with hardware and software issues to recover lost data, and to help implement a plan to prevent it from happening in the future.

Security Monitoring

In an age of hacks, ransomware, and breaches, your security needs to be top notch and constantly updated. Security monitoring is the most cost-effective way to keep your system at its safest. Our team can work with you to create a security plan and monitoring schedule that will help stop potential security issues. We’ll also help you plan out the steps you take in the rare event of a breach. You want to keep your data and your clients’ data safe. For that, you will need professional IT support 247 in the form of security monitoring services.

On-Site IT Support

Sometimes, issues need to be dealt with directly. For that, you will need on-site IT support. The 3T Pro team services the Dallas County, Collin County, Denton County, and DFW Metroplex with fast and friendly in-person service. You can rely on us to offer the support and fixes you need in the moment.

Your Choice for IT Support 247

We here at 3T Pro believe IT support needs to be fast, effective, and friendly. It’s why our customer-focused approach has led to numerous successes in multiple sectors across the country. Whether you need IT support 247 or packaged services like security monitoring, we can help with all kinds of IT support services. Contact us today to start your consultation and learn how our team can help you succeed in the future.