It’s much more complex than it sounds but choosing IT technical support for a business is the invaluable benefit of IT support 24/7. Small and medium-sized companies require specialized IT solutions but might not have the budget or the interest in hiring their own team. Those days of having one person on staff who is handy with computers are gone. The importance of data security, cloud accessibility, and network connectivity should be taken seriously by any sized company.

Thanks to smoothly functioning IT—-from payroll to workforce-management software—business owners can accomplish even more than ever before, and with ease.

When it comes to reliable IT support 24/7, the real challenge is in choosing the right solution that both resolves current needs and adjusts for anticipated business needs and growth.

Yes, businesses have choices. The challenge is to make the right choice. Business owners can choose to hire internal staff with initial certifications to maintain and manage servers, workstations, desktops, laptops, printers, smartphones, operating systems software, antivirus, professional office software, and some special and basic applications.

Some businesses choose to contract a local firm to provide on-demand on-site break/fix support. The preferred choice is to engage with an IT support provider which assures the business with IT support 24/7.

A vital function of IT support 24/7 is monitoring the business’ entire infrastructure for security threats: phishing attacks, malware, viruses, and ransomware—which are very real, especially if the IT network has access to the internet. IT support 24/7 services ensure that the business’s whole infrastructure is protected with proper security protocols in place and monitoring of all network traffic.

Some IT support 24/7 providers include pro-active monitoring as a value-added service, as well as helping procure any equipment needed for a business’ IT infrastructure.

Choosing an IT support provider with certifications to support each device and software application is crucial. Selecting the right IT support 24/7 requires considering the IT support’s certification, experience, and training. And weighing the true costs of an in-house IT employee vs. experienced and reliable, remote or on-site IT support 24/7.

Once the business has narrowed down the field to a few IT support 24/7 possibilities, the business should learn about how they work with their existing business clients. How much time will they spend working to learn about the business’ products? How much feedback will they provide? How transparent is their communication process?

A sometimes-overlooked value-added benefit for a business to have IT support 24/7 is allowing employees to focus on productivity and other business tasks.