With the heavy reliance on technology in today’s business world, having a reliable IT support crew on-call or in the office is a must. As much as we might like to joke about it, solving tech support issues is not as simple as unplugging and plugging back in. There are numerous tasks and maintenance routines IT support will look after to keep a business flowing smoothly. When looking to hire IT support in Plano, what do businesses need to know before bringing in a tech support team?

Understand the Level of Customer Service and Support

In an ideal world, your tech support will be there and ready to respond 24/7. Whether you are dealing with vicious malware from what seemed to be a harmless pop-up, or a complete system crash, your IT support should be there to respond as quickly as possible. When looking to bring in IT support in Plano, ask what kind of customer service they provide and what you can expect for response times. Many IT services rely on outsourcing, and while this can work, it is often not efficient and can create a disconnect between you and your IT support provider.

In Tune with the Cloud

Long gone are the days of having a drawer full of hard drives with all your backups squeezed into them (well, for the most part). Cloud services are one of the most reliable methods of data storage out there, and for businesses, this type of storage can provide much needed security. This online storage system protects your data from disappearing in case of hardware malfunctions or server errors. The best IT support in Plano will provide thorough cloud storage services and will look after the storage of backups so you don’t have to worry about losing your precious data, should disaster strike.

Prevention is Key

When hiring IT support in Plano, you should look for a company or service that prioritizes prevention. The best way to deal with IT problems is to stop them from happening in the first place. Sounds obvious, right? You would hope so, but unfortunately, many so-called IT support services out there provide bare-minimum coverage that is based on responding to issues rather than establishing a secure network that protects your data from external threats.

Experience and Expertise

Not many people know this, but the tech support industry is loosely regulated, if regulated at all. There are many ‘services’ out there that don’t actually have training in IT support, and these are the last people you want looking after your business’s data. When shopping around for IT support in Plano, look for companies that can guarantee every staff member handling your data is trained and up to date on certifications.

Finding the Right IT Support

There are many services and IT support companies out there, and finding the right fit for your business can take some searching. Skip the long internet search and get the best IT support in Plano with 3T Pro! With remote services based in Dallas, Texas, we provide your business with friendly and effective IT support.