When it comes to disaster planning, most companies think about natural disasters or criminal activities that happen in-person. Floods, hurricanes, robberies, etc. are often thought about as the focus of security efforts. The truth is, however, that the loss of data due to malicious activities or hardware and/or software failure remains one of the most common ways that businesses lose assets. It’s why many are turning to IT professionals to help them with IT disaster recovery planning.

While many businesses house important physical assets, many more hold most of their value in their collected data and execution of those assets. If they were to suddenly disappear or be held ransom, the company could completely fold. That’s why if your business relies on ready access to important and secure data, you need IT disaster recovery planning.

Here’s everything you need to know about IT disaster recovery planning and who to call to get the help you need preparing for the future.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning, Explained

What exactly is IT disaster recovery planning? Essentially, it is a two-pronged approach to data loss: preventative measures to ensure data loss is lessened and recovery plans to ensure you can get it back if something goes wrong. As always, the preventative measures are much easier to implement and, when done with consistency, can drastically reduce your chances of ending up with significant data loss. That said, data loss can happen to even the most prepared, so having a plan to get it back is essential as well.

When you work with an experienced team for IT disaster recovery planning, you are getting both approaches to data loss prevention. They will work with you to create a set of best practices to help you have continual backups that are easily accessed and automatically regulated. They can also work with you to create fail-safes that will help in the event of issues like power outages and migration strategies.

Then, the team will help you create a document of what to do in the worst-case scenario. This can include specialized access to specific files or storage spaces to keep your team and data working for you.

Your Choice for Professional IT Managed Services

No matter the industry or size of your business, your data is an increasingly important asset. For this reason, you should not leave its security or housing to chance. Instead, you should call the experts here at 3T Pro to help you develop and execute a disaster recovery plan that can help you keep your data in the event of a local failure or cyberattack. Our team of experts can work with you in IT disaster recovery planning to create a customizable solution for your business.

They often say that data loss is not a matter of “if” but “when.” With the team here at 3T Pro, you can be better prepared and less likely to suffer irretrievable data loss that could severely impact your company’s success.