Technology is the way of the world, and your business likely has a lot of technology that needs to be maintained and updated constantly in order to remain competitive. Keeping a fully staffed IT team in a company can be a pricey endeavor, especially for smaller companies, so outsourcing to a company that specializes in managed IT services in Dallas may be the best choice for you. Before you take the plunge, however, you should know exactly what managed IT service providers can provide you.

Infrastructure Management

Keeping your infrastructure going is the key to any company that is working with computers. When servers go down, routers go down, or computers go down, it’s always going to affect the bottom line. You need your systems to be operational as much as possible in order to be able to do your work, offer your services, and keep your clients happy. With managed IT services in Dallas, you can be sure that your infrastructure is in safe hands, from maintenance to mapping out upgrade and update plans that best work for your company. Having systems go down for updates at inconvenient times can also be a pain, so managed IT services will ensure any updates that need to happen, are during off hours, minimizing the impact to you, and your clients.

Technical Support

Depending on the size of a company, technical support is often needed daily. Whether it is issues with software, or hardware failures, managed IT services in Dallas will help keep your employees productive by providing any technical support they need via live chat, phone support, or live support as needed. Support is available 24/7, so even the night shift can get timely assistance. Some managed IT services even offer small courses employees can take to give them the basic skills they need to succeed with the software and hardware they work with; more education means less problems down the road.


One of the biggest benefits of choosing managed IT services in Dallas is security. Managed IT service providers have staff specifically trained in the latest IT security, keeping up to date on any threat that can happen, and help design systems to mitigate security flaws in your IT infrastructure. From firewalls to software monitoring, and proper security education for your staff, you can be sure that your corporate data, and client data is as secure as possible.

Cloud Services

As companies migrate toward more cloud-based services, managed IT services in Dallas often offer their own cloud services to clients, as well as help make the transition to the cloud smoother, and more secure. Your company’s data is a priority, and with cloud services backups have become more secure and quicker to restore from than ever.

Managed IT Services in Dallas

If your company is looking to expand and needs to bolster its IT infrastructure and staffing with an affordable solution, then contact 3T Pro today for managed IT services in Dallas. We offer a wide array of services and provide your company with peace of mind, security, and the technical edge to keep it competitive in the marketplace.