It’s fair to say the past year has been one of major learning moments. This is especially true when it comes to our reliance on digital technology and the role it’s played in keeping our businesses up and running throughout ongoing pandemic-related disruptions. The world has become increasingly mobile, and in order to keep up, business owners and employees must be ready to work from anywhere, anytime. With cloud service for small business, rather than being tied to the computer, including all its hardware and software, all files and information are stored and accessible through the internet. The best service providers support businesses and their employees to seamlessly use and integrate cloud computing, so no matter what comes up, they’re prepared.

Why is it so important to implement cloud-based storage solutions today? While the pandemic has pushed businesses into the future and to developing new ways of handling everyday work digitally, experts believe where we are today was inevitable, merely brought on more rapidly by the virus. Here are a few key ways 3T Pro is proud to assist our small business clients as they strive to stay ahead of the curve, maintaining the most competitive edge with cloud service for small business.

Easy access

Cloud service for small business centrally stores all your data and information in one safe place. A user-friendly interface means businesses and employees can access and upload any files at any time and from anywhere, as long they have internet service. They are also no longer tied to one single desktop computer. Instead, they can work from any device they choose. They no longer need to make inconvenient trips to the office to access required or forgotten files. At a time when various circumstances are keeping people away from the office in a full-time capacity, this type of mobile access is essential to keeping the business productive and running.

Peace of mind

Taking advantage of cloud service for small business means we need not worry about losing all our valuable data and files. No more concerns about a fire or flood destroying the server room, equipment, and data—that data is now stored and managed within more than one data centre. At 3-T Pro, we take the responsibility of supervising and securing all that data seriously. We understand how essential managing and keeping all that information safe and secure is to our small business clients so they can keep their focus where it’s needed, leaving the tedious behind the scenes IT work to us. And, when the business grows, we’re ready to grow along with it by adding storage space and feature upgrades on demand as needed.

Collaborate for success

Just because people are social distancing and staying safe, doesn’t mean running the business can’t be a collaborative process. Cloud service for small business actually makes working together more convenient and efficient than ever. Cloud computing offers cutting edge file-sharing features and easy ways for multiple users to view data in real time as they work through any project. By giving file and information access to multiple users, leaders can ensure their whole team is involved and up to date, working together to create the best results.

Dependability you can count on

At a time when businesses depend on flexibility as much as reliability, cloud service for small business is the ultimate solution. While you focus on the bigger picture, and on leading your business into the future, we’re there to support you behind the scenes, expertly implementing effective, secure, seamless systems you can trust. It’s all about making life simpler and business better. Contact 3T Pro to learn more information.